“It was such a great time to work with Tom. He knew exactly what sound we wanted to get and he delivered it fully !! Tom is very easy to work with and really knows the ins and outs of his studio. I highly recommend him !!” – Charlie Infection From Psycho

“Tom knows music and knows his gear. I have recorded demos and tracks for albums at his place and the experience each and every time was productive, professional and rewarding. Unnatural Axe, Tomato Monkey, The Chord Rockers, Richie Parsons …..” –  Richie Parsons

“Our band recorded our first EP with Tom. We were not sure what we were getting ourselves into but he was integral in getting us organized and recorded. Working with him is an absolute delight. His extensive knowledge of his equipment and Pro Tools keeps the recording process running smoothly. The environment is creative and casual without losing its professionalism. We would definitely record with him again”. – Carolina Kehoe

“My name is Doug MacDonald I play in the Doug MacDonald band. I have recorded in many studios and worked with many engineers Tom Hamilton is the best engineer I work with. I have recorded 5 CDs/ albums with Tom he is a great person to work with. He has a great ear and he also comes up with great ideas. I have never been disappointed with any of the recordings that have come out of his studio. The studio comes with high tech equipment and vintage equipment so you get the best of both worlds. Hope to work with Tom again in the future” -Doug MacDonald