Tom Hamilton

I’ve been producing and engineering since graduating from Berklee College of Music with a Music Production and Engineering degree. There was a great music scene back then and I was fortunate to jump in and start working with a lot of great bands, like Bullet LaVolta, Seka, The Lemonheads, Jerrys Kids (Here’s a link to me on, and here’s a partial list of old and new clients) … The studios I worked out of included Fort Apache, The Sound Loft, Euphoria, Syncrosound, Newbury Sound, Downtown Recorders and many more … Punk and hardcore is/was my bread and butter, but I’ve recorded diverse styles of music, especially while house engineer at The Sound Loft & Syncrosound studios (as can be heard on my Audio page). I basically quit the scene after landing a cushy gig at a voicemail systems hardware company, recording multi language voice prompts. I did that for 10 years before getting laid off when the company was bought. At that point Pro Tools equipment had become affordable, so I decided to purchase gear and get back into recording bands. I updated my setup in 2016, and the equipment is currently located in my home in Peabody, MA.